Mission Statement

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Morris Library is the heart of SIU's educational commitment. Library Affairs supports the University's mission by providing resources, services, and facilities to enhance student recruitment, retention, and success and to invigorate faculty teaching, research, and service. We collect, preserve, and make accessible the university's records and our unique and rare materials. We provide information literacy instruction and foster intellectual growth and innovation, while helping to fulfill the information needs of the greater community.


Library Affairs will deliver exceptional service and instruction that promotes user independence.

We will acquire, preserve, and offer access to the best possible collections and resources within our means, in a variety of formats.

We will promote intellectual exploration by providing quality resources, assistance, and facilities for our users.

We will assume a key role in attracting, supporting, and retaining students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds in an interdisciplinary environment.

We will assist users in achieving academic success by creating aesthetic and vibrant environments to encourage study, learning, collaboration, innovation, engagement, and enrichment.



Delivering excellent service to our users through professional and knowledgeable employees.


Providing access to scholarly information; developing, preserving, and promoting our rich and unique collections as well as maintaining university records and sensitive documents.


Maintaining an environment and services that are inclusive and conducive to user success.


Facilitating curiosity, exploration, and lifelong learning among our community of users.


Fostering collaboration on campus, locally, regionally, nationally, and around the world.


Promoting information literacy, advocating for expanded and open access to information, and advancing new forms of scholarly communication.

Approved by Library Affairs Faculty and Staff – January 8, 2014