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Shannon Gwaltney and Jodi Miley

SHOUT OUT to the person(s) who put the Library Affairs interoffice newsletter together.  Great job!  I enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next issue.

Trevor Poore

I often voice both quality service and bad service, and I wanted to give recognition to a student employee who works in SalukiTech.  His name is Trevor Poore, and he is extremely helpful.&nbsp

Ask A Librarian

I am a distance learner.  The Ask A Librarian feature is so amazing for us who are off-campus.  Today I needed access to a dissertation and could not get access to it because I am not on

Carroll Walker and Monrico Brown

I would like to thank Carroll and Monrico for their generous assistance at the library earlier this month.  They were so helpful with making sure that my web conference was set up and that eve

Kate Harrison

Very nice article in the spring library newsletter (CornerStone) - thank you for describing the process of book conservation so clearly and in an interesting way.  I got my B.A.

Kelsie Collier

Kelsie is an Inter-Library Loan Super-Star extraordinaire!!!  If something needs to be done, Kelsie is your go-to gal!!! And she's super sweet, too!

Jennifer Burns

Jennifer is always cheerful and is great to work with!  Not only does she do her work, she's willing to help out with whatever needs to be done in ILL.  Jen is an awesome employee and

Steve Sawyer

Steve Sawyer is a one-of-a-kind guy!  And a Morris Library Customer Service Superstar!!

Shouter:  Jennifer Burns

Submitted: 05/18/13

Ed Wegman

Shout outs to Ed at the Circulation desk.  He always checked me in with a smile.  He's great!  I will miss him now that he has graduated.  Thanks for the memories, Ed!

Aaron Lisec

"Vicksburg 150," now on display in the Hall of Presidents and Chancellors, commemorates the 1863 seige and capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi, by Union forces.  With this strategic vi

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