Shout Outs

Aaron Lisec

Aaron is always so thoughtful.  When one of our students came in to work even though she was far too sick to be here, Aaron not only encouraged her to take the day off, but gave up his parking

Christina Bleyer

Christina is simply awesome. She hosted a two-day conference relating to science and religion in LaSalle, IL. The speakers were from India, South Africa, Iran, the Netherlands, and the U.S.

Lacie Copeland (Delyte's)

Lacie is super nice and has a great smile and wonderful attitude.  She really tries to make my mornings pleasant.

Shouter:  Nate Elmore

Submitted:  02/20/2014

Cindy Shuck

Cindy helped me with EVERYTHING (it's been awhile since I've been here!).  I couldn't figure out how to get a copy/print card, and she did it all for me and even made me a copy of

Kelsie Bonner (Delyte's)

Kelsie is just the sweetest person at the coffee stand.

Shouter:  Melvin Brown

Submitted:  02/20/2014


The Delyte's staff is always helpful; I appreciate their excellent service.  And I love the personal touches they put up, especially the soup sign.

Shouter:  Liz Hartman

Jennifer Horton

Jennifer Horton helped me look up some 3D printing stuff on the computer.  Although I am just a kid, she treated me with respect, very patiently and nice.

Ashley Walsh

Ashley is so friendly at the reception desk near the Thompson Woods entrance to the library, even though that area gets a very cold wind coming in when library users open the door in the winter.&nb

Joyce Metcalf

I wanted to find an article in American Scholar that I had read 10 or 15 years ago.  Someone who is teaching a high school American History class wanted it for a section on slavery.  I co

Open House Volunteers

Howie Carter, Shannon Gwaltney, Christina Heady, Betsy Herman, Amber Loos, Anne Cooper Moore, Linda Porter-Smith, Teri Stobbs Ricci, Judy Simpson, Karen Wolf, Math Central staff, Learning Support S

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