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Know a Morris Library employee who has gone above and beyond? Let everyone know about it with a Shout Out! Who says you can't shout in the library?

Cindy Kvamme, Cherie Watson, & students

Sincere thanks to Cindy, Cherie, and the many students who helped last Friday & Saturday (March 20-21, 2015) to make the Friends of Morris Library Book Sale a success!

Delyte’s Crew

Shout Out to the Delyte’s crew for always being friendly!

Jan and Molly

As part of my PhD dissertation, I am trying to coordinate a team of researchers who are going to be sampling wetlands all across the state.  We require landowner permission to access private p


Congratulations to the LTDC Committee for the great success of the “4th Annual Souper Bowl” competition.  A big THANK YOU to all who participated behind the scenes to ma

Ayo at Delyte's

Ayo is always friendly and helpful to all.  He has a smile for everybody he talks to and helps.

Submitted by:   Cindy Chester

Sarah Prindle

Ms. Sarah Prindle is excellent.

Jennifer Horton

Jennifer did a FANTASTIC job demonstrating search strategies and database capabilities for my Geol 421 class.  The students in this class are required to complete a literature review as part o

Joshua Vossler

Joshua was a fabulous asset to my search for someone to assist me in my dissertation journey.  His keen eye found errors in my APA format helping me to make corrections and advance towards my

Christina Bleyer

What did they do?: Christina has created a fabulous online exhibit of 16 of the Japanese Woodblock prints of the Sino-Japanese War: http:/

Accounting Staff: Staci, Doug and Stephanie

During the time that Lynn Geske retired and we hired Toni Vagner, the accounting staff really pulled together to help the derpartment.  Anytime I needed information, such as AIS Employee Numbe

Steve Sawyer

Mr. Sawyer was invaluable in negotiating with sister libraries on my behalf.

Arron Conley

Arron is one of the best library staff members in the entire world. I have traveled to over 27 countries and been to over 300 libraries and I was so impressed by the SIU library.

Josh Vossler & Matt Borowicz

He was empathetic, a good listener and has always been kind and helpful to me this semester.  I came in here last week to retrieve a flash drive that was left in the computer.  A young la

DeDe Davis

DeDe is the student worker that keeps circ going :) She stays on top of helping patrons all while keeping up with the behind the scenes circulation work, like sorting and shelving.


I am a distance learner and Eva did an awesome job answering all of my questions regarding payments of fines and renewal of materials.

Abigail Wheetley

I just wanted to thank Abigail Wheetley for creating and assisting in the very successful Homecoming Scavenger Hunt! She worked very hard and long making this event a success.

Beth Martell, David Bond, Jordan Bennett

Beth did a wonderful job designing the Halloween exhibit in the Hall of Presidents and Chancellors.  Thanks also to David Bond and Jordan Bennett for helping install the exhibit.

Rachel Ippolito

Rachel is always very helpful and kind when I need help finding resources in the basement even though I have nearly crushed her with the book shelf.


Mary Taylor

Mary gave a wonderful presentation to FN 540.  She's the best librarian ever!

Jacquelyn and Maggie

Jennifer Horton, Jan Fiorino, Matt Gorzalski

Jennifer, Jan, and Matt helped me show new anthropology graduate students some of the unique resources available at Morris Library.  I greatly appreciate their help and couldn't have provi

Rachel Ippolito

Rachel helped me find a book the other day while simultaneously keeping up a great conversation; she was very, very nice and quick!

Michelle Sanchez

Elizabeth Heniff

Elizabeth is always upbeat and very helpful. Whenever I see her working she has a smile on her face that can turn around even the worst of days.

Patrick Finn

Elizabeth Heniff

Elizabeth is always upbeat and very helpful. Whenever I see her working she has a smile on her face that can turn around even the worst of days.

Patrick Finn

Elizabeth Heniff

Elizabeth smiles a lot and treats every patron like they are her favorite patron.

Jennifer Burns

Aaron Lisec

Aaron Lisec did such a good job on the Freedom summer exhibit. He got some good press coverage for the library! 

Amber Loos

What did they do? Amber coordinated the spring 2014 administration of the LibQUAL+ service quality survey to the SIU population.

Meg Schmaus

Staff member's name: Meg Schmaus

Sharon Granderson & Staff

Staff members' name: Sharon Granderson and staff

Liz Kamper

What did they do? She's so sweet and helpful! I always know I'll find what I need when I ask Liz for help!

Shouter: Kylie C

Submitted 6/26/14

Maggie Walters

She's a very kind and helpful. No matter how busy she is, she will always be the first to offer help.

Shouter: CG

Submitted 5/24/14

Joyce Metcalf

She has helped set up the machines, correct all the mistakes, and spent much time being helpful.

Shouter: Ruth

Submitted: 5/7/14

Karen Wolf

I want to express my appreciation for your time yesterday.  I have been on this campus 40 years and it is hard to think about anything quite as exciting as the new library.  I have told e

Maira Aranha Gimenes

Maira was very helpful to me!

Shouter:  Anthony Agbeh

Submitted:  04/30/2014

Alyssa Cooper

Alyssa was kind enough to go find the flash drive I had left in a computer on the 7th floor.  Then, since I live over 15 miles from campus, she went above and beyond by pulling up the file I n

Preservation Graduate Assistants and Student Workers

Thank you to the Preservation Unit's Preservation Graduate Assistants & Student Workers: Kathy Maves, Florian Trebouet, Savannah Broadway, Emily Kaye, Yucen Lui, Wade Stofko and Patrick Wes

Rich Beach and Sharon Granderson

Congratulations to the Library Affairs Dean's Outstanding Staff Award nominees!

Aundrae Burrowes

I am a visiting artist from South Korea.  I gave a public presentation at Guyon Auditorium on April 1 at 7:00 p.m.  I came to the auditorium a few hours early because I had to download 7

Tre Mathis-House

Thank you Tre for devoting much of your time to scanning the Daily Egyptian microfilm.  This would be impossible without your help.

Shouter:  Matt Gorzalski

David Bond

David helped me get some much needed microfilm from the Canadian Archives for my current research paper and future dissertation project.  The information on the reels is vital to my research a

Vanessa Trotto

Vanessa taught me how to use the printers, and she always has a smile on her face.  She is such a good worker.

Shouter:  Maggie Martin

Submitted:  03/30/2014

Jennifer Horton

Thanks for staying late last week to show the students from the IJSHS (Illinois Junior Science and Humanities Symposium) the 3-D printer.  They were clearly impressed and were an inquisitive g

David Bond and Interlibrary Loan

David Bond is my hero.  I use Interlibrary Loan all the time.  Oftentimes, my research requires hard to find materials, particularly microfilmed records.  In fact, I used Interlibrar

Jessica Zieman

Jessica came to our globalization class and showed us a bunch of geography-specific resources.  I found it extremely helpful!  Knowing how nice she is, I feel much more comfortable coming

Jennifer Horton

Jennifer Horton provided me a great write-up of the library that I used in my ABET Accreditation report that is being prepared with a rough draft due soon.

Shouter:  James Mathias

Jennifer Horton

Jennifer not only met with me multiple times and gave me tons of information for my speech on the 3D printer, but she took time out of her day to bring the 3D printer to my classroom and helped me

Blood Drive Shatters Record!

The American Red Cross collected 42 pints of blood at the blood drive held in Morris Library's 1st Floor Rotunda last Friday, February 28!  That is not only 9 units more than the goal that

Jordan Forbes

Jordan was extremely helpful in finding out of place and missing books.

Shouter:  Gabriel Gohery

Submitted:  02/28/2014

Terrell Williams

Terrell is so helpful and always has such a cheery personality.  I wish everyone would display such care and attention to every customer as he does.

Shouter:  Lincoln

Jamie Hoffman (Delyte's)

Jamie has been a breath of fresh air since taking over Delyte's.  She is creative and energetic, and has made some really positive changes.

Aaron Lisec

Aaron is always so thoughtful.  When one of our students came in to work even though she was far too sick to be here, Aaron not only encouraged her to take the day off, but gave up his parking

Christina Bleyer

Christina is simply awesome. She hosted a two-day conference relating to science and religion in LaSalle, IL. The speakers were from India, South Africa, Iran, the Netherlands, and the U.S.

Lacie Copeland (Delyte's)

Lacie is super nice and has a great smile and wonderful attitude.  She really tries to make my mornings pleasant.

Shouter:  Nate Elmore

Submitted:  02/20/2014

Cindy Shuck

Cindy helped me with EVERYTHING (it's been awhile since I've been here!).  I couldn't figure out how to get a copy/print card, and she did it all for me and even made me a copy of

Kelsie Bonner (Delyte's)

Kelsie is just the sweetest person at the coffee stand.

Shouter:  Melvin Brown

Submitted:  02/20/2014


The Delyte's staff is always helpful; I appreciate their excellent service.  And I love the personal touches they put up, especially the soup sign.

Shouter:  Liz Hartman

Jennifer Horton

Jennifer Horton helped me look up some 3D printing stuff on the computer.  Although I am just a kid, she treated me with respect, very patiently and nice.

Ashley Walsh

Ashley is so friendly at the reception desk near the Thompson Woods entrance to the library, even though that area gets a very cold wind coming in when library users open the door in the winter.&nb

Joyce Metcalf

I wanted to find an article in American Scholar that I had read 10 or 15 years ago.  Someone who is teaching a high school American History class wanted it for a section on slavery.  I co

Open House Volunteers

Howie Carter, Shannon Gwaltney, Christina Heady, Betsy Herman, Amber Loos, Anne Cooper Moore, Linda Porter-Smith, Teri Stobbs Ricci, Judy Simpson, Karen Wolf, Math Central staff, Learning Support S

Matt Gorzalski, Judy Simpson and Karen Wolf

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the Library Affairs 3rd Annual Souper Bowl!

Liz Biever, Aundre Burrowes, Stephanie Cessna, Sydney Grover, Heather Pierce

Five of our Library Affairs student workers were among the 49 student recipients who won $500 textbook scholarships from the SIU Alumni Association, and were awarded at a ceremony on January 14:

Steve Sawyer, Howard Carter, etc.

The members of the Strategic Planning Committee spent months drafting a new Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan for Library Affairs.  Thank you to all the members of the committee, but

Doug Simmons and Cassie Wagner

Thank you for dropping everything to work out the bugs in our Shout Out form and create a Captcha to prevent spam!  You're awesome!

Shouter:  Teri Stobbs Ricci

All Library Staff

They just sang Christmas carols!  Thnx, it was fun!  :)

Shouter:  Alex Zavala

Submitted:  12/23/2013

Events Committee and Many Eager Bakers Throughout Morris Library

The Annual Cookie Banquet was an awesome highlight to a challenging weather day!  Thank you to the Events Committee (Tammy Winter, John Ballestro, Susan Howell, Aaron Lisec, Linda Porter-Smith

Spenser Morrissey

A library patron returned a book with a considerable sum of money tucked into the pages.  Spenser Morrissey, a Library Affairs student assistant, immediately turned over the cash and the book

Cayla Wiegele

Thanks and congratulations to Cayla Wiegele who graduates this semester.  I appreciate all your hard work and going above and beyond every day.  Morris Library is a better place for you h

Steve Sawyer

When I was unable to renew my I-Share books online back in August, Steve called the libraries involved and got all my books renewed; he also ironed out a problem with my status in the system. 

Mark Watson, Jodi Miley, Cindy Kvamme, Chris Milazzo, Linda Porter-Smith, Betsy Herman, Karin McClure, etc.

An awesome team of about 25 Morris Library faculty and staff, Morris Library Student Ambassadors, and other SIU staff and student volunteers spent Saturday, November 23 at the Mounds Public Library

Walter Ray, Judy Simpson and Aaron Lisec

Walter, Judy and Aaron have worked tirelessly to move hundreds of storage boxes off of compact shelving in preparation for our move to the University Press building.  Thank you all!!

Kenyahtta Gray

Kenyahtta is always very helpful.  She always has a smile on her face, and is a good person.

Shouter:  Damilola Iseyemi

Submitted:  11/25/2013

Kaari Oberg, Karen Wolf, and Jodi Miley

On behalf of the Planning Committee for the event, "From Illinois to Europe . . .

Sharon Granderson, Whitney Brockman and Payton Rigsby

Many thanks to Sharon Granderson, Whitney Brockman, and Payton Rigsby for creating all the promotional materials (flyers, posters, table easels, book marks) for our panel presentation "From Il

Amber Loos

Even though English Literature isn't her area, Amber was able to help me by finding quite a few articles and sources for one paper, and was able to direct me to the new Lit Librarian for my sec

Special Collections Research Center

Thank you for the great Haunted Archives Tour that Special Collections did today.  Very interesting and entertaining.  WONDERFUL JOB to all involved!

Judy Simpson, Beth Martell, Kristen Kelly, and Everyone Else in SCRC

The Haunted Archives Tour was by far the best Halloween experience I've ever had in Carbondale, and I've lived here 19 years!  I especially loved the decorations and the selected spook

Anna Xiong

Anna helped SalukiTech with an international student having issues with off-campus library access.  Thanks!

Shouter:  Abby

Submitted:  10/31/2013

Lynn Geske, Staci Batteau, Jessica Piper

These three wonderful people have been answering my many questions so patiently and kindly over the past few weeks since I've been learning this new job.  I'm so grateful to be part of

Aundrae Burrowes

I came in to SalukiTech with my USB recorder drive and was turned away, being told it was dead and unrecoverable.  Not accepting this, I took it to Aundrae in your systems department, and afte

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Staff

The ILL folks are rocking it!  I submitted a dozen requests for journal articles on Sunday and the ILL folks have been emailing and electronically delivery my articles since yesterday morning.

Tony Bittle, David Bond, Joe Fiedler, Susan Howell, Joyce Metcalf, Anna Xiong

Congratulations to Morris Library employees who were recognized recently for their years of service at SIU!

With 10 years:  Joe Fiedler, Susan Howell, Anna Xiong

Jian Xiong and Walter Ray

Great job with U.S.

Matthew Borowicz

Please shout out for Matthew and his co-workers as they go the extra mile in caring for the needs of their patron, Casey, by providing water-filled bottles in this hot weather.  Way to go, guy

Josh Gray

Josh Gray has always been courteous and polite in my encounters with him as a member of the Morris Library staff.  He is very helpful and understanding.  Good job, Josh!

Kenyahtta Gray

Kenyahtta Gray really took her time with helping me find the book I was looking for. She was very kind and nice.

Shouter:  Jorrow Blackwell

Submitted:  09/06/2013

Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Burns, my GA, does consistently excellent work in Interlibrary Loan, as evidenced recently by an e-mail to me about Jennifer's helpfulness and commitment to customer service.  &qu

Michelle Harris and Sarah Lawrence

Thank you Michelle Harris and Sarah Lawrence for working so hard this summer.  I have really enjoyed working with you.  Your help was invaluable in getting the library signage done and in

Doug Simmons

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Doug Simmons for working so hard to get my printers working correctly.  This time of the year I HAVE to have working equipment.  And Doug has been dilige

Sharon Granderson

Many thanks to Sharon Granderson for creating the Welcome to Morris Library signs.  The added visibility for new students is awesome!

Shouter:  Teri Stobbs Ricci

David Bond

This Shout Out is not for any specific instance, but rather for consistent service in searching the world for reference material I needed for my dissertation.  David is perpetually cheerful, h

Joyce Metcalf

I have just completed the requirements for a degree but I can't graduate until December.  So I'm hanging around Carbondale until I get a job lined up (no sense moving twice).  Whi


Kudos to Aundrae, who took time for me during a very busy time of year to make adjustments on my computer.  Thanks to him, I won't have so many problems with eyestrain!  I really appr

David Bond

Thank you David Bond for following up on my request and obtaining a photocopy of the typescript that I needed.

Shouter:  Lilly Crane

Submitted:  08/13/2013

Sarah Lawrence

Thank you so much Sarah Lawrence for the great job you did this summer making all of our signage consistent and lovely to look at.  Our patrons and staff will now see consistent signage all ar

Beth Martell

Beth Martell has worked very hard as we processed the Lloyd B. Sharp Papers, displaying patience and focus on the tedious task of creating the finding aids box and folder list.

Paul Porter

Paul Porter is nothing short of extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  He is a delight to work with and his expertise will be missed.  He is both pleasant and efficient, and Interlibrary L

Paul Porter

Paul Porter has served Morris Library faithfully for 11 years, most recently in Interlibrary Loan, always working above and beyond what is asked of him.  He's never lost his great attitude

Rich Beach, Ron Van Meter & Doug Simmons

Thanks to the Library Affairs Systems guys for always being there for me, over and over again, even at the 11th hour!  Your help is greatly appreciated.

Shouter:  Kaari Oberg

Steve Sawyer and LTDC

Steve Sawyer presented an informative, rewarding talk on Organic Farming, and several staff whipped up creative and tasty healthy dishes.  Thank you to the Library Training and Development Com

David Schremp and William Welling

As a non-traditional student (age 64) I have found the process of submitting my thesis electronically to the Graduate School to be a daunting task.  New technology is confusing to me.  Wh

David R Bond

David can find out whether we have just about anything in the library.  Multiple times I have looked at our catalog and it appears that Morris does not have the item for which I am searching.&

Shannon Gwaltney and Jodi Miley

SHOUT OUT to the person(s) who put the Library Affairs interoffice newsletter together.  Great job!  I enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next issue.

Trevor Poore

I often voice both quality service and bad service, and I wanted to give recognition to a student employee who works in SalukiTech.  His name is Trevor Poore, and he is extremely helpful.&nbsp

Ask A Librarian

I am a distance learner.  The Ask A Librarian feature is so amazing for us who are off-campus.  Today I needed access to a dissertation and could not get access to it because I am not on

Carroll Walker and Monrico Brown

I would like to thank Carroll and Monrico for their generous assistance at the library earlier this month.  They were so helpful with making sure that my web conference was set up and that eve

Kate Harrison

Very nice article in the spring library newsletter (CornerStone) - thank you for describing the process of book conservation so clearly and in an interesting way.  I got my B.A.

Kelsie Collier

Kelsie is an Inter-Library Loan Super-Star extraordinaire!!!  If something needs to be done, Kelsie is your go-to gal!!! And she's super sweet, too!

Jennifer Burns

Jennifer is always cheerful and is great to work with!  Not only does she do her work, she's willing to help out with whatever needs to be done in ILL.  Jen is an awesome employee and

Steve Sawyer

Steve Sawyer is a one-of-a-kind guy!  And a Morris Library Customer Service Superstar!!

Shouter:  Jennifer Burns

Submitted: 05/18/13

Ed Wegman

Shout outs to Ed at the Circulation desk.  He always checked me in with a smile.  He's great!  I will miss him now that he has graduated.  Thanks for the memories, Ed!

Aaron Lisec

"Vicksburg 150," now on display in the Hall of Presidents and Chancellors, commemorates the 1863 seige and capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi, by Union forces.  With this strategic vi

Alyssa Cooper

Alyssa went above and beyond to help me find the books that I needed, as well as helping me find various other library amenities.  She is super reliable and is basically always on the 5th floo

Kerry & the Delyte's staff

Kerry and her staff have been a wonderful addition to the library, and we appreciate them all!

Beth Martell

Beth Martell curated a lively and exciting exhibit in the Hall of Presidents called "Headliners: SIU Arena Concerts."  This exhibit features a long list of entertainers from 1967-200

Morris Library's Graduating Student Workers

Morris Library has the best student workers on campus!  In every department, they keep the library operating.  Happily, we're about to lose many of them to graduation as they head out

Jodi Miley and Rich Beach

Jodi arranged and guided the visit of the three members of the Higher Learning Commission for the Focused Accreditation Visit on Monday, April 22.  The group conducted group meetings on 8 diff

Elisabeth Hill

Elisabeth Hill, Library Affairs Reserves GA, cleaned up and straightened the public bulletin boards in the library.  They look fantastic!  Thank you Elisabeth!

Tyler Shelton

Congratulations to Tyler Shelton for being nominated for 2013 SIU Student Employee of the Year!  Tyler has been employed as a student worker in Records Management for three years, and was nomi

Kate Harrison

Kate did a fabulous job giving a tour of preservation to some visitors, including a librarian at Cornell University.

Shouter:  Kristine McGuire

Submitted: 04/12/13

Jan Fiorino, Alisha Grissom, Cindy Kvamme, Chris Milazzo, Doug Simmons and Judy Simpson

Congratulations to the nominees for this year's Library Affairs Dean's Outstanding Staff Award!  Every one of them has done work above and beyond during the last year.  If you see

Julie Mosbo, Kate Harrison, Beth Martell, Sharon Granderson, Whitney Brockman

Thank you to all those listed for making the Buckminster Fuller exhibit opening a success.  It would not have been possible without their help!

Shouter:  Matt Gorzalski

LTDC Committee

The Library Training and Development Committee (LTDC) organized and ran the Edible Book Festival in the Hall of Presidents and Chancellors on April 1, 2013.  What an exciting opportunity to co

Aundrae Burrowes

Aundrae took the time to go beyond doing his job as the IT guy at the desk.  He not only spent a great deal of time troubleshooting my issue until it was completely resolved, but was kind enou

Steven Sawyer

Steve stays very calm and collected during busy hours at the Circulation desk.  It reassures his student workers that any amount of work can be handled if you exercise patience and stay focuse

Joyce Metcalf

Joyce, I have been meaning to write to thank you for all your assistance and attention paid me last week during my quest for the 2nd season DVDs for Boardwalk Empire.  You really went above an

Joyce Metcalf

Congratulations to Joyce Metcalf, who was honored at the Celebrate Women luncheon for her 17 years of service as a UWPA ConnectionS Leader.

Susan Howell & Stephanie Cessna

In order to prepare for the recent Morris Library record sale, Cataloging employee Susan Howell and student-worker Stephanie Cessna managed to process over 12,000 LPs

Sharon Granderson & Whitney Brockman

Thank you to Sharon Granderson and her undergraduate assistant, Whitney Brockman, for helping me with the Illinois Central Railroad exhibit on very short notice.

Christina Gould

Thank you for all you did to make my visit to Special Collections so productive. I appreciate all your hard work to make my research go so smoothly, as well as the warm hospitality. You rock!!

Doug Simmons

Doug built and configured the server that the new website runs on. He installed all the modules Cassie uses on a daily basis. He put numerous hours in to getting the site running.

Aaron Lisec & Beth Martell

Aaron Lisec, with the assistance of Beth Martell, did a fantastic job on the research and installation for the "Emancipation Proclamation at 150: Narratives of Soldiers and Former Slaves"

Julie Arendt

Julie always taught the Introduction to Engineering students about proper referencing and about the library.

Quinton Webster

Quinton greets everyone who enters the Administrative Office with a smile and welcoming greeting.

Circ Services Students

It is so nice to have such fun and dedicated student workers who are willing to work over their breaks from school.