Alumni Services

Alumni are welcome to visit the library and use our collections while they are in the building.

Ask A Librarian

Our librarians and staff are available to answer your questions through a variety of means.

Borrowing From Another Library

Materials located at other libraries may be delivered to Morris Library for you to use. To speed the arrival of the book, journal, or article you want, please use the correct request form.

COPE Fund (SIU Carbondale Open-Access Publishing Equity Fund)

The SIU COPE (SIU Carbondale Open-Access Publishing Equity) Fund seeks to advance the use of open access as a means of distributing the research and creative work of the Southern Illinois University Carbondale community by providing financial support to cover the fees charged for open access publication.

Courtesy Cards

Individuals and companies who are not current SIU Carbondale students, faculty, or staff may purchase a Courtesy Card to gain a variety of privileges in Morris Library.

Disability Support Services

Morris Library offers a number of services to disabled patrons.

Distance Learning

Morris Library offers a number of services to distance learning students.

Distance Learning Support

If you are teaching a Southern Illinois University Carbondale distance education or off-campus program class, Morris Library staff will:

Equipment Available

Morris Library has many different types of a equipment available for use in the building.

Event Spaces

For University Affiliates

Event Spaces for Community Members

The physical space at Morris Library has been designed, in part, to enhance and extend the Library as a center of academic community and campus life: intellectual, social, cultural, and creative.

Family-Friendly Study Room

Room 320D is configured as a place for students who must bring their children with them may study. The room contains toys, books, and movies for children to use while their parent studies.

For Faculty & Instructors

Morris Library offers a number of specialized services for SIUC faculty and instructors.

My Librarian (Liaison Librarians)

Morris Library's liaison librarians are specialists in certain fields of study and are here to help you with your research needs.

My Library Accounts

To access all of the print materials available through Morris Library, you will need usernames and passwords for the two request systems.

Off-site Storage

Some of the materials available through Morris Library are stored outside of the library building. To access these, you will need to place a request.

Proxy Accounts

A proxy relationship enables one person to pick up and check out library materials for someone else using the latter's SIU ID number.

Purchase Recommendation

Suggest that Morris Library purchase an item for its collection.

Request a Library Class

Morris Library offers course-related instruction, tours, and online materials designed to teach students about information access, evaluation and use.

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