Reserves for Instructors

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Placing items on Reserve at Morris Library allows all students in courses to access materials while ensuring equal access and protecting the items.

General Criteria and Submission Guidelines for Reserve Items

  • To guarantee availability of items during the first week of class, please submit reserves requests two weeks before the beginning of the semester.
  • Requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Reserves staff will strive to complete requests within five working days of receipt, barring the following delays:
    • Request interpretation problems such as incomplete citations and illegible handwriting
    • Requests larger than 10 items per class cannot be guaranteed within the two-week pre-semester submission timeframe. Please contact to discuss requests larger than 10 items.
    • Requests for library purchases
  • The responsible faculty member must complete a request form citing each item that is to be placed on Reserve. Forms are available here or from the Circulation Services desk on the first floor of Morris Library.
  • Reserve material is not intended to be used by students in place of purchasing required textbooks and course materials as specified in the course syllabus or by the University Bookstore.
  • Instructors must respond to correspondence (typically e-mail) from library staff for clarification and review of reserves requests in order to continue uninterrupted use of the service.

Restrictions on Some Reserve Items

  • Shelf Reserves (Print & other physical formats):
    • Unless special circumstances can be accommodated, all shelf items placed on reserve circulate only within the library for 2 hour periods with no renewals.
    • Special permission for faculty to check Reserve items out of the building for an extended time period may be possible through a Reserves Supervisor or other Circulation staff member, depending on availability.
    • Instructors are strongly discouraged from removing items from reserve prior to the end of the semester for which they are intended. Personal copies can be returned within two weeks of the end of the semester.
  • Electronic Reserves:
  • Electronic Reserves cannot exceed specified proportions of a complete work, or be used in consecutive offerings of a course.
  • Please review our E-Reserves & Copyright page before selecting material you intend to place on electronic reserve.
  • All original material is the property of the person who created it.
  • Original works created by students are not only copyrighted, but also protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).
  • The student must give his or her permission for any use other than the original intent.
  • When the student is enrolled in the class, that permission is implied.
  • During that semester, the instructor may place the student-created material on Reserves.
  • Use after the original semester, however, requires written permission from the student. This permission must be on file in the Reserves Department before the material can be made available.
  • Student-produced material:

Placing Shelf Items on Reserve

To place a shelf item owned by Morris Library on Reserve, use our Reserves Request Form. Items that are currently checked out will be recalled, but cannot be made available within the usual processing timeframe.

Required textbooks, if not already owned, will not be purchased by the library. A personal copy may be provided by the instructor for placement on reserve.

To place a personal copy of a book, film, CD, etc. on reserve, complete the Reserves Request Form, and bring it with the item to be placed on reserve to the Circulation Services Desk, 1st floor, Morris Library.

Creating & Placing Electronic Items on Reserve

Several methods of submission are available, depending on the origin of the material to be put on Reserve. Guidelines and submission requirements for each are outlined below.

  • Instructors may place a wide variety of material and information on electronic reserve, including course syllabi, lecture notes, presentation files, practice exams and exercises, as well as journal articles and book chapters.
  • Electronic reserves of Morris Library are intended only for the use of students currently enrolled in the class for which an item has been placed on reserve.
  • Material in electronic reserves will be available only during the semester for which the material is intended.
  • Materials may be submitted as e-mail attachments (, database links, or as single-sided paper copies.
  • Morris Library's electronic reserve system can handle most file types, but .pdf format is preferred.
  • A copyright warning is prepended to each electronic reserves document, as well as a disclaimer indicating that the document quality is dependent on the copy given to us by the instructor.

Photocopy Submissions

A completed and signed Reserve Request Form (first page only), should be submitted with corresponding materials to the Circulation Services desk (Morris Library, 1st Floor) or through campus mail.

Citations should be provided on a printed document, rather than page two of Reserve Request Form.

Please contact a Reserves staff member if you need assistance photocopying material to these specifications:

  • All photocopied materials must be on letter size (8 ½ x 11 in.) paper.
  • Articles/chapters should be separated into discrete units. Multi-chapter submissions, even if sequential, need to be separated by paper clips (do not use staples).
  • Submissions of sequential chapters, which share a common page due to copying a book horizontally, will need to have the page common to both chapters duplicated and placed in the appropriate position for each chapter.
  • If a submission comes from a compilation work, that compiled work must be cited, not the original publishing information.

Online Journal Links (e.g. EBSCO, JSTOR)

  • Persistent links or DOIs can be provided in lieu of complete citations for electronic items the library owns or provides full text access to.
  • Known items can be searched for in electronic format through the library’s citation linker.

PDF Submissions

We encourage the submission of PDF files in lieu of paper copies for quality reasons, as well as ecological reasons.

While instructor-submitted PDFs decrease staff processing time, please take care with providing accurate citations.

Created PDF’s should utilize grayscale and 200 dpi resolution settings. This assures that file sizes remain manageable.


Requesting Purchases of Reserve Items


The staff of Morris Library continue to monitor copyright law interpretation. Please speak with a Reserves staff member or the Head of Circulation for specific guidelines in the selection and processing of material you wish to place on reserve. Please refer to the library’s Copyright @ SIU guide for best practices in educational applications of fair use.