Photographing & Filming in Morris Library

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The purpose of this policy is to establish the terms and conditions under which Library space may be used for filming, still photography and/or video production. This policy is intended to help maintain an appropriate environment for study and research in the library. The privacy of individuals using the library is of paramount concern.


  • Before taking pictures or videos at Morris Library, individuals should check in with the Dean's Office.
    • The Dean's office should be informed of the purpose/use of the photos and the primary areas in the Library where the pictures will be taken.
    • The Dean's Office will notify the staff at public desks in those areas.
  • Library personnel or patrons should not be used in photographs or films without the expressed consent of the individual.
    • If patrons request not to be included in any photo or video, we ask that their wishes be respected as a matter of courtesy.
  • To maintain privacy, photographs or videos of patrons using the computer or reading should be done at a distance to ensure that the items being read or viewed are not disclosed.