Off-campus Access

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SIU-affiliated users and Courtesy Card holders can access Morris Library's online resources from any device with an active connection to the internet. If you're having trouble connecting to a resource, please follow the steps below.

Step 1:

  • Make sure you are accessing the resource from the Morris Library web page (, not a bookmark or typing in the URL directly.
    • Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIU) faculty, staff, and students who try to access licensed electronic resources from off-campus through a commercial Internet Service Provider (e.g. Verizon, Mediacom or AT&T) need to be authenticated by the library’s proxy server.
    • The proxy server uses your Network ID to authenticate you as a valid member of the SIU community.
    • The links on the library's website include a code that will prompt you to authenticate.

Step 2:

  • Do not use the AOL web browser. It will not work with many library databases.
  • Use a recent version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Check your browser settings.

For Internet Explorer:

  • Go to “Tools” in the Navigation bar and select “Internet Options”.
  • Click “General” tab. Under “Temporary Internet Files” click “Settings”. Make sure “Every Visit to the Page” is selected.
  • Click “Security” tab and make sure Internet Globe is selected. Under "Security level for this zone" click “Default Level” and set the slider to Low.
  • Click “Privacy” tab and set the slider to “Accept All Cookies” (the bottom setting).
  • Click “Advanced” tab and click “Restore Defaults”.
  • Make sure you click Apply, then OK.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Go to “Tools” in the Navigation bar and select “Options”.
  • Click “Privacy”, then click on “Cookies” and check the box “Allow site to set cookies”.
  • Click on Web Features and make sure “Enable Java” and “Enable JavaScript” boxes are checked.
  • Click OK.

Step 4.

If you've tried the above items, and you are not being asked for your Network ID from a screen with a blue triangle that says " Electronic Resource Access", then please email with the name of the database you are trying to access, your browser, your name, and university ID.

Step 5.

If you ARE getting asked for your university ID from a screen with a blue triangle that says Electronic Resource Access but your university ID does not let you access the e-resource, call 618/453-1455 or email or and ask them to verify that your university ID is in the library database.