Josh Vossler & Matt Borowicz

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He was empathetic, a good listener and has always been kind and helpful to me this semester.  I came in here last week to retrieve a flash drive that was left in the computer.  A young lady who was at the computer that I left this flash drive in stated that she left it at the desk.  I was out of breath, had a class that I had left, and before I could say thank-you, she hollered out; "YOU'RE WELCOME!  I told her she was rude and
said I am 60 years old and if you had given me time to say thank the time that I reached the desk where Matthew and Matthew were, my cup ran over and I was crying.  I feel so ridiculous now.  I have a degree from SIU.  I made a promise to return to school for my Master's and I started that journey this semester.  I feel so isolated, the younger people are rude.  I have tried to socialize or help them with studies.  I have experienced having them desire my notes and help but nothing more.  Two of these employees were
wonderful and 'I love them and will always remember their kindness on that day.'

Submitted by Rebecca Owusu-Ntow