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Morris Library offers course-related instruction, tours, and online materials designed to teach students about information access, evaluation and use.

Library Courses

CI 199: Introduction to College Research

CI 199 is an 8 week, one credit course offered online and in-person at Morris Library. This course will prepare you to find, evaluate, and use information efficiently using library resources. All are welcome but content is more relevant to freshmen or sophomores.

Additional Information:

  • Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer
  • Face-to-face, online, and hybrid
  • See an example syllabus (PDF format) for more information on content, readings, and assignments.

CI 411: Research after College

CI 411 is an 8 week, one credit, online course. This course will prepare you to conduct research for professional or personal advancement as well as lifelong learning. This that will introduce you to theoretical concepts and professional resources relating to post-university research. We recommend this course to upperclassmen, graduate students, and professionals seeking continuing education credit.

Additional Information:

  • Offered Fall & Spring
  • Online only.
  • See an example syllabus (PDF format) for more information on content, readings, and assignments.

MCMA 200: Media and Information Literacy

MCMA 200 is a 3 credit, online course taught by the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts and College of Library Affairs. Media and information literacy are necessary components of being able to understand, function in, contribute to, and change the world we live in - a world that is often described as both networked and media-saturated. Throughout the course, students will be actively engaged by the instructors to think and write critically about information and media in order to resist the corporate environment in which we all are hoped, assumed, and constructed to be passive consumers. This course will tip the balance in students' favor, empowering active learners who will become global producers of media and information.

Additional Information:

  • Meets the Area 2 Social Science UCC requirement
  • Offered Fall & Spring
  • Online only
  • See an example syllabus (PDF format) for more information on content, readings, and assignments.

Want to schedule library instruction or a tour?

Librarians provide library instruction that is tailored to meet the research needs of specific classes. These classes can be in-depth and subject-specific for graduate courses or a general library introduction tailored to the needs of freshmen, sophomores, or transfer students. We are also happy to take classes and other interested groups on a walking tour of Morris Library. Schedule your class today using our Instruction Request Form or contact Matt Borowicz at or 618-453-2818, for more information.


What are the differences between a face-to-face, online, and hybrid sections?

Face-to-face sections:

  • Meets twice a week for 8 weeks in Morris Library, room 261.
  • Coursework is assigned online and/or in person, depending on the instructor.
  • Recommended format if you know you need structure and someone to remind you about due dates.

Online classes:

  • Never meet face to face.
  • All readings, quizzes, and assignments are in SIUOnline.
  • MCMA 200 has online discussions scheduled for a time convenient for the class.

Hybrid sections:

  • Combination of face-to-face meetings and online work.
  • Meet once a week for 8 weeks in Morris Library, room 261.

I would like to register, what do I do?

  1. The Office of Registrar's website has a page with registration directions.
  2. You will find our courses under the following headings
    • Subject: Select "Curriculum and Instruction" or "Mass Comm. & Media Arts" depending on the course.
    • Course number: Type 199, 411, or 200 depending on the course.

Is this class hard OR what is the workload?

Honestly, the answers to these questions vary depending on the course and what you consider difficult. Some courses require more time practicing skills while others require more critical thinking and writing. The course syllabi are the best way to determine if a class is a good fit for you and your schedule but also consider that ....

  • For each credit hour, you can expect to complete around 3 hours of work outside of class.
  • The higher the course number, the more complex the subject matter and assignments. Just because a course is one credit, does not mean it will be an "easy A."

When can I register?

You can register at any time until the course begins. Contact the instructor of record for your section if the drop/add date has passed and you would still like to add the course. We will try our best to help you out!