Emma Smith Hough Library Research Scholarship Awards

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About the Award

The Library has established the following polices and procedures for the establishment of the Emma Smith Hough Library Research Scholarship Awards based on funds from the estate of Ms. Anita Crites Crawford.

Three scholarships will be given each year, two to undergraduate students and one to a graduate student, as follows:

  • $1,500 to a sophomore or junior at SIUC in the Humanities, Fine Arts, or Social Sciences disciplines.
  • $1,500 to a sophomore or junior at SIUC in the Sciences, Engineering, or Applied Technologies disciplines.
  • $2,000 to a graduate student at SIUC in any discipline.

The awards will be given for papers or other creative work that is based on creative and exceptional use of library resources (more specific criteria is provided below).

Apply using this form (PDF format).


Process Outline

  • The 2018 application period will open on February 26, 2018.
  • The deadline for completed submissions will be Friday, March 23, 2018
  • The application must include:
    • the submission of a paper or project
    • a letter of support from a faculty member
    • a completed application form
  • All application materials should be emailed to houghscholarship@lib.siu.edu. For more information or if you have questions email Jennifer Horton at jhorton@lib.siu.edu.
  • Winners will be announced by April 18, 2018 on this webpage.


  • For the undergraduate awards:
    • individuals must be currently enrolled students in good standing at SIU Carbondale at the class rank of sophomore or junior and who intend on completing their degree at SIUC. The scholarships will be granted for credit against tuition and fees for the following semester after the award.
    • the project or paper submitted for the award must have been completed for an upper division (300 or 400) level credit course sometime during the preceding two semesters.
  • For the graduate award, projects or papers may be for any graduate class other than the final thesis or dissertation. (However, it is possible the topic of the paper or assignment might later result in the theme of the final thesis as developed and pursued by the student.)

Evaluation Criteria

The Evaluation/Award Committee will make awards that demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • A broad array of information resources, which may include print, web, online journal articles and primary sources.
  • Information resources appropriate to the scope and theme of the project.
  • Creative and/or scholarly application of the information discovered.
  • Information sources that effectively support an original argument or make a significant contribution to scholarly knowledge about a subject.
  • Responsible use of information by providing appropriate and accurate citations and credits.
  • Evidence of significant personal learning and the development of a habit of research and inquiry that shows the likelihood of persisting in the future.
  • Special consideration will be given to projects that show use of original, primary source material in the Library Special Collections or Archives.

It is understood that winning papers may not exhibit all criteria but the Evaluation Committee will weigh these criteria and balance them in the judgment of a final award which best exhibits these characteristics.

To receive the award, winners must agree to submit an electronic copy of their work to the Library’s Institutional Repository for discovery by the scholarly and academic community world-wide.


Congratulations to the 2017 winners of the Emma Smith Hough Library Research Scholarship Awards

Vineeth Kanteti (Undergraduate Award - Sciences, Engineering, or Applied Technologies) - "Preparation of High Strength Concrete using Meta-kaolin and Investigating its Freeze-Thaw Resistance"

Bryan Jenks (Undergraduate Award - Humanities, Fine Arts or Social Sciences) - "The SNFC in the Civil Rights Movement in Carbondale, Illinois"

Samaneh Jafari (Graduate Student Award) - "Teaching with Primary Sources"


Congratulations to the 2016 winners of the Emma Smith Hough Library Research Scholarship Awards

Mary Sophia Hall (Undergraduate Award - Sciences, Engineering, or Applied Technologies) - "Solar-Powered Water Purification System with Energy Storage"

Naomi Tolbert (Undergraduate Award - Humanities, Fine Arts or Social Sciences) - "Unequal Access:  Factors Contributing to the Disproportional Respresentation of Marginalized Groups within Study Abroad Programs"

Liana Kirillova (Gradate Student Award) - "When Affirmative Action is White:  Italian Americans in the City University of New York, 1976-Present"


Congratulations to the 2015 winners of the Emma Smith Hough Library Research Scholarship Awards

Jessica Barnhill (Undergraduate Award - Humanities, Fine Arts or Social Sciences) - "How our Legal System 'Genders' Us and Controls How We View and Make Up our Families"

Nathan Colley (Undergraduate Award - Sciences, Engineering, or Applied Technologies) - "Three Dimensional Reaction Coodinates of Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions"

Wesley Holland (Gradate Student Award) - "Systematics of the Tribe Hippotragini (Cetartiodactyla: Bovidae)"


Congratulations to the 2014 winners of the Emma Smith Hough Library Research Scholarship Awards:

Jon Gorgosz (Masters Student in Educational Administration and Higher Education) – “The Practice of Pinning and Its Production of Gendered, Idealized Images for Women on College Campus in the 1940s, 50s and 60s”

Jazma Sutton (Undergraduate Student in History/Africana Studies) – “Non-Partisan or Not Interested: The Carbondale League of Women Voters’ Response to Civil Rights during the 1960s”


About Emma Smith Hough

Emma Smith Hough began teaching at Murphysboro Township High School in 1928 as an English teacher. She later taught business classes and became the school librarian. She received a B.A. and B.S. from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and an M.S. from SIU. She retired from the Murphysboro school district in 1963 and then took over as head librarian at the Sallie Logan Public Library in Murphysboro.