Gifts of Materials

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The Library welcomes gifts of books and other materials that enhance or develop subject areas and support the instructional and research programs of the University.

Types of Gifts and Contacts

  • Persons wishing to donate materials to the Library should contact Kristine McGuire at 618-453‐1633.
  • Automatic drop‐offs are discouraged.
  • Monetary gifts are also welcome and appreciated.
    • All such donations should be referred to Kristine McGuire, Development Officer, at 618-453‐1633.

Materials Gifts Guidelines

  • Acceptance of gift materials depends on the same criteria as those for purchased items, namely, timeliness, scope, literary or scholarly quality, physical condition, processing costs and available shelf space.
  • Materials not selected for addition to the collection may
  1. Be offered to the Friends of Morris Library for their booksales, the proceeds of which help fund other purchases and services; or
  2. Be recycled.
  • The Library accepts books, audio‐visual materials (such as videos, CDs, etc.), journals, and maps that meet the criteria for selection.
  • Materials should be in good condition;
    • Items that show evidence of mold, insect‐ or water‐damage are not accepted because of their potential to damage the rest of the library collection.

Appraisal of Gifts and Tax Information

  • Library personnel do not appraise gift material.
  • The value of a gift must be determined prior to the donation and is the responsibility of the donor.
    • Reference books are available in the Library to help determine the value of an item or collection.
    • The website Your Old Books also contains helpful information about book valuation.
  • Persons giving large donations are cautioned to consult their own tax advisors for more information.
  • Formal acknowledgment of the gift may be requested by the donor at the time of donation.