Message from the Friends of Morris Library

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Have you visited the newly renovated Morris Library?

If not, I encourage you to stop by for a tour of our spacious facilities. The recent renovation and expansion gives the Library the capability to address the information needs of the university community in the 21st century. After touring the Library, stop by Delyte’s for a cup of coffee. Also, visit the Library patio built with donations from the Friends of Morris Library, alumni, and others.

When you join the Friends, you assist us in purchasing books, journals, and equipment in addition to funding programs, exhibits, and events. For example, we have sponsored the Remembering Old Main program, the Edible Book Festival, and “Celebrating the U.S. Constitution 2011.” See what the Friends have accomplished recently.

It is easy join the Friends of Morris Library by completing this form.

Thank you,

Thyra Russell, President

Friends of Morris Library

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