Information Technology Personnel Requirements:

  • Implement technological measures to reasonably prevent both:
    • Retention of the work in accessible form by students for longer than the class session; and
    • Unauthorized further dissemination of the work in accessible form by such recipients to others.
  • Not interfere with technological measures used by copyright owners to prevent retention or dissemination of their works.
  • Store work on a system or network not accessible to anyone other than anticipated recipients.
  • Maintain copy of the work on the system or network accessible for a period reasonably necessary to facilitate the transmission.
  • Retained copies of the work are for the purpose of transmitting the work and used solely by the institution.

The TEACH act is an opportunity for those involved with the digital delivery of material protected by copyright to take the responsibility of implementing the requirements and conditions it imposes, thus, taking advantage of the benefits of this revised section of the U.S. Copyright law. This recently revised section of the U.S. Copyright Law is experiencing “growing pains” of implementation and application. As yet, there are no court cases to define the limits and boundaries of this piece of legislation. Educational institutions are gradually establishing “best practices” and specific interpretations for implementation, and use.
Specific questions regarding the application of TEACH in the SIU Carbondale environment should be directed to the Morris Library Copyright Team.
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