Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Burns, my GA, does consistently excellent work in Interlibrary Loan, as evidenced recently by an e-mail to me about Jennifer's helpfulness and commitment to customer service.  &qu

Michelle Harris and Sarah Lawrence

Thank you Michelle Harris and Sarah Lawrence for working so hard this summer.  I have really enjoyed working with you.  Your help was invaluable in getting the library signage done and in

Doug Simmons

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Doug Simmons for working so hard to get my printers working correctly.  This time of the year I HAVE to have working equipment.  And Doug has been dilige

Sharon Granderson

Many thanks to Sharon Granderson for creating the Welcome to Morris Library signs.  The added visibility for new students is awesome!

Shouter:  Teri Stobbs Ricci

David Bond

This Shout Out is not for any specific instance, but rather for consistent service in searching the world for reference material I needed for my dissertation.  David is perpetually cheerful, h

Joyce Metcalf

I have just completed the requirements for a degree but I can't graduate until December.  So I'm hanging around Carbondale until I get a job lined up (no sense moving twice).  Whi


Kudos to Aundrae, who took time for me during a very busy time of year to make adjustments on my computer.  Thanks to him, I won't have so many problems with eyestrain!  I really appr

David Bond

Thank you David Bond for following up on my request and obtaining a photocopy of the typescript that I needed.

Shouter:  Lilly Crane

Submitted:  08/13/2013

Sarah Lawrence

Thank you so much Sarah Lawrence for the great job you did this summer making all of our signage consistent and lovely to look at.  Our patrons and staff will now see consistent signage all ar

Beth Martell

Beth Martell has worked very hard as we processed the Lloyd B. Sharp Papers, displaying patience and focus on the tedious task of creating the finding aids box and folder list.

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