Emma Smith Hough Scholarship Award: Applications Due March 23

Morris Library is pleased to announce the availability of Emma Smith Hough Library Research Scholarship Awards for student papers or other creative works that make exceptional use of library resour

Aaron Lisec

Aaron proactively maintains Morris Library's Facebook page with fun and informative posts about SIU history, library events, and highlights from our collections.  All the more impressive w

Edible Book Festival, April 3

This year's Edible Book Festival will be held Tuesday, April 3, 2018 from 12pm to 1pm in the first floor Rotunda. 

Aaron Lisec


Kaari Oberg

What did they do?

I've been requesting a ton of articles through ILL lately, some from obscure foreign journals.  I've gotten them all and amazingly fast.

Steve Sawyer

Today I saw Steve go above and beyond helping a patron.  He could have sent them to the Information Desk but instead he offered his help.  I am very lucky to work for a hard working super

Current Exhibits in the Hall of Presidents and Chancellors

"Published in Paris" highlights nine small Paris presses from the 1920s and 30s, all at the forefront of literary modernism.

All Morris Library Staff

THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing wipes to clean the microwave!!!  You guys think about everything!

Submitted By:  Alba Olaya    

Aaron Lisec

Liana Spokas

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