Day of Giving, March 1, 2017

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#SIUDAY 2017 is your opportunity to support Morris Library with a gift, large or small.

Morris Library at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is a doorway to the world’s knowledge. Your gift, in any amount, will help us acquire technology, materials, and support valuable services.

Giving Priorities for Morris Library:

  1. Loaner Laptop program [$1,000 per computer/20 computers]. Morris Library provides access to laptops, tablets, and related tools for checkout use. For every thousand dollars we are given, we can purchase one more laptop to support this popular service.
  2. 3D Printers [$7,500]. 3D printing is a method of creating 3-dimensional objects from a digital model by depositing successive layers of material. Designs can be created in special software and through 3D scanning. We offer this basic service now, but your gift would allow us to purchase a much better printer
  3. Library Excellence [$5,000 - $10,000]. Your gift to this fund would enhance Morris Library’s services and collections
  4. Building improvement [$5,000]. More students than ever before are using Morris Library as a gathering space. Giving to his fund supports renovations, improvements and repairs to Morris Library.
  5. Strengthening our collections [$10,000]. Being a research library is expensive. Database and electronic journal publishers have consistently raised prices 5-8% each year, which has consumed most of the book budget. Your gift can help us add new print books to the collection, supporting our goal of providing our students, staff, and faculty with the best and latest information available.
  6. Illinois and Southern Illinois maps project [$18,000-$20,000]. The Map Library seeks to preserve and make our maps accessible to our students, researchers, cartographers, and others interested in contributing to knowledge of the region and the study of maps.